Heathen Brewers

Our Brewery

Left to right - Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun and Kettle

Left to right – Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun and Kettle

The Heathen Brewers¬†brewery graces the basement of the Grape & Grain off-licence and delicatessen on The Broadway, Haywards Heath. The Broadway is notable for its interesting independent shops, restaurants, bars and hairdressers. It is the nightlife hub of the town. The Broadway apart, Haywards Heath is a fairly unremarkable place, but is the self styled ‘Heart of Mid-Sussex (which is confusingly located in West Sussex). In time we would like ‘The Heath’ as it is often called, to be known throughout the world as the ‘home of Heathen Brewers’.

Three of our four fermenters

Three of our four fermenters

Our brewery houses a set of shiny stainless steel brewing vessels with the capacity (or brew length) to brew up to 400 litres. In the world of commercial brewing that is very small. In fact too small to be classified as a micro-brewery. It probably fits somewhere between ‘pico-brewery’ and ‘nano-brewery’. Because of our Italian connection, we like to call it a ‘panini-brewery’, which is what you almost get when you sandwich pico and nano together.