Heathen Brewers

Our Brewers

Our team of brewers is a right bunch of Heathens. You won’t want to know our life histories, trust us on that one, but here is a short pen picture of each of us:

Stuart Heathen - Head Brewer

Heathen BrewersStuart is a renegade brewer, who honed his brewing skills on a full mash home brew system. An engineer by background, he was responsible for specifying our brewing equipment, leading the assembly of the components and doing all the fiddly wiring and plumbing work. Whilst the rest of us contribute to the selection of our beer styles, it is Stuart who does the hard work of designing the recipes.

Angelica Heathen - Brewster

Heathen BrewersAnge is from Bari in Southern Italy, and brings with her a romantic Latin quality to our beer. In addition to brewing and quality control duties she is responsible for promoting our beers to customers of the Grape and Grain and sales to other outlets in the vicinity.

Ed Heathen - Brewer and Gadget Man

Heathen BrewersEd is a perfect Heathen with beer running through his veins. He is also involved in brewing, but his main responsibilities are sales and finding new gadgets to improve the efficiency of the brewing process.

Graham Heathen - Brewer and Bean Counter

Heathen BrewersGraham is an established brewer who has joined this venture in order to satisfy his heathen tendencies. Unusually for someone so heathen, he is a talented accountant and looks after our finances.

Mark Heathen - Brewer and CEH

Heathen BrewersMark is the Chief Executive Heathen who also has commercial brewing experience and responsibility for marketing. Mark has the unenviable task of herding his fellow heathens in the right direction.