Heathen Brewers


What or who is a Heathen?

Heathen Brewers The Oxford Illustrated English Dictionary defines a Heathen thus:

(One who is) neither Christian, Jewish, nor Muslim (in Old Testament = gentile; historically used also of Muslims; later restricted to holders of polytheistic religions*, especially when uncivilised); pagan.

* Believing in several Gods

To understand more about heathens and the heathen religion that developed in Northern Europe we suggest you search for ‘heathen’ on Wikipedia.

What does Heathen mean today?

Heathen Brewers The word is frequently used to describe someone who doesn’t conform to the norm (whatever that may be), or who is a bit of a scoundrel.

What is a 'Beer Heathen'?

Heathen Brewers We have coined this phrase to characterise us and our position in the brewing industry – we strive to challenge the establishment and are probably regarded by our larger competitors as being barbarous infidels!

What is 'Craft Beer'?

Heathen Brewers It is difficult to find a precise definition of “Craft Beer”, but the following extract from an article by Pete Brown entitled “Pete Brown on the Cask Report” that was published in the Morning Advertiser on 25 September 2014 may help to clarify the term and its usage:

“We now also have the relatively new concept of craft beer, which is helping to take interesting flavourful beer into a mainstream consumer arena that has been dominated by bland, multinational lager for decades.

This point causes some confusion in beer circles. Some in the industry think craft beer needs a precise technical definition, which it lacks. Some see it as a threat, others as just another glib marketing term.

There is a view that craft beer is entirely separate from cask ale – a challenging US-inspired, modern explosion of flavour served in kegs, bottles, cans, anything but a cask – or an unbalanced, over-hyped hipster fad, depending on your point of view.

This is nonsense. It helps no one.

Our research does not strictly define craft beer, but does highlight its most meaningful characteristics. It shows that for most, craft beer is not related to format, style or origin – it’s more about beer brewed by small brewers or beer brewed in small batches. That’s a description that applies equally to most of the cask ales brewed in the UK.”

What is 'Real Ale'?

Heathen Brewers Real Ale is cask or bottle conditioned beer, which is packaged without filtering, pasteurisation or the addition of carbon dioxide. As a result residual live yeast remains in the beer and continues to ferment any residual sugar. This process produces natural carbonisation in the cask or bottle and it is this naturally produced carbon dioxide that “conditions” the beer.