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Our band of heathen brewers first got together in 2013 with a vision to set up an underground craft brewery in the Sussex town of Haywards Heath. We did a trial brew, which blew our socks off and went down very well with our close confidants. After various trials (and tribulations) we formalised our partnership 'Heathen Brewers' in the spring of 2014. We then obtained HMRC approval to brew commercially and built our production brewery in the basement of the locally adored Grape & Grain off-licence and delicatessen, which is the primary outlet for our beers.
Heathen Brewers formally launched on 21st September, 2014 at The Broadway Village Fete and Ale Festival, where our Belgian style Wheat Beer and Honeyed West Coast IPA were very well received by the discerning local beer lovers. Heathen Brewers plan to brew a varied selection of flavoursome, small batch craft beers with a heathen attitude! Please keep an eye on the 'Our Beers' and 'Sales' sections of this site to hear about our new brews and where you can buy them.

What's in a name?

Why Heathen? Well apart from the obvious link to the name of our town, Haywards Heath, we chose the name Heathen as it sums up our edgy business ethos, which is to break the mould and do things differently from the brewing establishment. In addition, we all have Heathen traits. For a full definition of 'Heathen' please see our Definitions page, where you will also find explanations of the terms 'craft beer' and 'real ale'.

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An independant wine merchant and delicatessen based in Haywards Heath, Sussex.
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